Philip K Dick Resurrected

In an unparalleled technical collaboration, a team of artists, writers, engineers, literary scholars, and freethinkers are creating a lifelike, android portrait of one of America’s well-known science-fiction writers Philip K Dick. The robot will be featured at WIRED magazine’s NextFest, June 25-27, 2005.

The late Philip K. Dick created the fiction behind Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall. In addition, Dick wrote A Scanner Darkly, which will come out as a major feature film this fall. Hanson Robotics Inc (HRI), the FedEx Institute  


David Hanson Lead Designer, HRI Founder
Andrew Olney Lead Software Engineer, IIS
Steve Prilliman Lead EE   PR contact, HRI Co-founder
Eric Mathews FedEx Institute Director
Harry E. Stephanou ARRI Director


Jay Frankenburger – Leading the PKD-A animation team
Technical Director of Animation at Reelfx

Richard Berg, ARRI – Primary mechanical systems CAD design
Biomedical engineering graduate student at ARRI

Mei-Hwa Huang – Vision system software integration
Ph.D. graduate student at ARRI

Bill Hicks – Robot production line engineer.
Helping implement hardware designs Master carpenter, production line engineer, and rogue inventor.

Derek Hammons – Software coding assistant
MasterÕs degree graduate student at Univ. of Texas at Dallas

Michael OÕNeil – Set construction
Univ. of Memphis Theatre Arts director

Jeongsik Sin, Ph.D. – Eye mechanism CAD design
Faculty Associate and Researcher at ARRI

Woo Ho Lee, Ph.D. – Eye mechanism CAD design
Faculty Associate and Researcher at ARRI

Heather Beardsley, Ph.D. – Neck mechanism CAD design
Research Engineer at ARRI

Steve Aydt – Helping author and edit the robot script.
Sufi poet, founder of the Eulessian Hot Tub Mystery Religion, and an avid PKD fan and scholar.

Sponsors, Collaborators, Friends

Overflowing thanks to the inspiring companies and individuals who are making this robot possible:

Corporate Sponsors

Nevenvision – Provided their Facial feature tracker (fft) SDK for testing Machine vision.

Direct Dimensions – CAD CAM engineering and prototyping. Direct Dimensions is digitally reconstructing Dick’s skull from the Dick sculpture. Leaders in facial reconstruction CAD/CAM, fusing CT scan data and engineering CAD models. A one-stop source for technical expertise in 3D measurement and modeling. With 10 years in the field, we have the technology, the processes, and the people to take you to the next level in 3D.

Acapela – Babs voice Ryan is the synthesized voice of PKD-A. World leaders in speech synthesis. Acapela enables customers to create new ways of conversing and interacting with end-users through speech-enabled revenue-generating applications. Our multilingual speech solutions (Text to speech and Automatic Speech Recognition) are available in 23 languages.

Alchymia Design – Providing rapid prototyping and 3d laser scanning. Out of Simi Valley, CA, Alchymia provides design and prototyping services to numerous industries, including automotive, shoes, and toys. (CEO Alfred Kuan)

Multimodal Technologies - Automatic speech recognizer. Leading enabler and provider of conversational speech systems. Our open standards-based, scalable products make it easy to create applications that actually understand what people say. ISVs and Enterprises rely on Multimodal’s unique blend of conversational speech recognition, natural language understanding and biometrics technologies to enable embedded, handheld, desktop or server-based solutions that listen to commands, dictation, conversations, or media broadcasts, solutions that convert speech to facts.

Eyebeam – Providing rapid prototyping on Stratasys FDM machines. Artist group in NYC, producing fine art robotics.

Cognitec Systems – Supplied FaceVACS facial recognition software Cognitec Systems develops and markets the well-established and world-leading FaceVACS¨ face recognition software. Cognitec’s software experts have been developing face recognition technology since 1995. In various independent evaluation tests including the Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002, FaceVACS¨ has proven to be the leading technology available on the market.


Javier Movellan – Providing advanced facial expression classification software. Machine perception lab, Univ. of California San Diego.

Jochen Triesch – Providing advanced facial recognition software Complex systems and cognition lab, Univ. of California San Diego Advisors

Paul Williams – Serving as expert consultant on the design of the robot and its personality Author of “Only Apparently Real, interviews with PKD”, the former PKD literary executor, and a close friend of PKD.

Harry Stephanou, Ph.D. – PKD-A Collaborator through ARRI and Director of ARRI.

Raul Fernandez, Ph.D. – Leader of ARRI PKDA design team and Professor of mechanical engineering at ARRI.

Art Graesser, Ph.D. – Intelligent systems advisor. Professor, research scientist, and director of Institue for Intelligent Systems at the FedEx Institute.

Lou Schwartz – Project operations assistance and advice. CFO and advisor of Hanson Robotics.

Dennis Robbins, Ph.D. – Project operations assistance and advice. Advisor of Hanson Robotics, solid state physicist.

Dennis Kratz, Ph.D. – Literary consultation. Dean of Arts and Humanities at UTD. An expert at sci-fi and medieval literature.

Steve Wallach – Hanson Robotics and to the PKD-A project advisor. Supercomputer guru, VP Technology at Chiaro, cofounder of Convex, and lead character in “Soul of a New Machine”.

Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Ph.D. – Project advisor. Senior scientist at the Jet Propulsion Lab, a renowned physicist and the “artificial muscle man,” leading biomimetics pundit.

Tom Linehan, Ph.D. – Aesthetics of technology, advisor. Director of the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Tommy Palotta – Producer of Scanner Darkly the movie.

Special Thanks to

Victor White – Expertise on polymer processes. Jet Propulsion Lab materials engineer.

Massive Software – Massive software consulted on muscle/animation intelligence. Artificial Intelligence animation software. Used for Academy award winning effects in Lord of the Rings.

Josh from Smoothon – Loaned us sculpture tools. A local sculptor and FX artist in Dallas.

Dan Popa, Ph.D. – Vision system software integration-Research Assistant Professor

Mitch and Michelle Rogers – Casting of PKD-A body and arms. Special-FX artist in Dallas, and owners of BITY mold supplies.

Kristen Nelson – Leading the set design and drafting, co-conceptualizing. Sculpture student at Rhode Island School of Design.

Elaine Hanson – Moral support etc.

Marshall Yount – Project advisor and visionary. Software engineer and manager.

Forrest Jackson – Friend of the PKD-A, provided rare PKD books for reference. PKD collector and literati.

Marge Zielke – Leading human subject tests at UTD using Hanson Robotics robots. PhD student in Interactive Arts and Engineering at UTD.

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