Philip K Dick’s Uncertain World

May 8, 2013

A nice article on Philip K Dick by J.R. Dunn, Philip K. Dick and Our Predicament.
Dick took a different path to those in the science fiction mainstream; but in so doing, became the most prescient writer of his time. The “scifi consensus” as Dunn puts it is gone – the spaceships, gleaming, beautiful cities, and so on, and what is left is the uncertain world envisaged by P.K. Dick.

in Philip Dick’s world technology is twitchy, with endless glitches, often open to abuse and exploitation by unsavory elements both in and out of government. Reality itself cannot be depended on — it can collapse under your feet like a rotten stairwell. Nothing is what it seems — even a beloved pet can turn out to be a product with an expiration date. Government officials can simply be simulations, if they exist at all. Threats can appear out of nowhere, often irrationally or even whimsically. To escape all this, the public retreats into drugs or obsessions with apparent trivia — games, “setups” for dolls, hallucinatory virtual worlds.

Philip K Dick Android in the New York Times

June 30, 2012

The New York Times ran a full page feature article about the Philip K Dick android on June 24, 2012.

“How to Build an Android” is the honest title of an earnest book, the first by David F. Dufty, a senior research officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It explains how a team of researchers at the University of Memphis collaborated in 2005 with an artist and robotics expert, David Hanson, to create what was then the most sophisticated android anywhere, a replica of the science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

The book about the android can be found here.

The Owl in Daylight

December 20, 2010

A new documentary about the ongoing legacy of Philip K Dick has been made by David kleijwegt, called The Owl in Daylight – Philip K Dick is here”. This is not to be confused with the Hollywood biopic about Dick’s life currently in production, also called “The Owl in Daylight.” They are both named after Dick’s last novel that he was working on when he died.
The documentary is in english and features Hanson as well as notable film celebrities talking about the impact that PKD has had on their work.